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Knowledge and Proactivity that bring you the best results


Property Purchase

Professionalism, diligence and expertise in the real estate purchase process, providing to the client the best options available in the market, in a quick & non-stress operation, taking care of every detail.

Property Sale

Knowledge and analytics of the market, to help owners to set the right price for their property. Specialized marketing strategies with national and international exposure to sale the property in record time obtaining the desired dividends.


Extensive knowledge and the best support for national and international homebuyers during the home-financing process, providing expertise and taking care of the entire operation from start to finish.


Specialist in investment opportunities in Miami and Fort Lauderdale areas, bringing to clients the most diligent and meticulous service of advisory, research and analytics on each transaction.


Short-term Specialist

Specialist in short-term investment properties with vast knowledge in the laws, regulations and limitations per city for these type of properties, allowing clients to buy and run their business care-free of any problems with the authorities


Knowledge to help lessors to set the right price for their properties generating the best profit but still being realistic based on the market conditions as well as helping lessees to go through the entire rental process diligently and without headaches while finding the best deals for them.

About me

I'm a licensed real estate agent renowned for my unwavering passion for the industry.

I began my career in real estate as an executive director at a prestigious firm, where I assisted with numerous projects and demonstrated my superior organizational and observational skills. With a innate ability to build and nurture relationships with those seeking sophisticated and fine properties I have become known for my talent in communicating with national and international clientele.

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